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Integrated Balance Sheet Management

for the modern bank

Explore the leading cloud-native solution suite to build, manage, and

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Addressing the pressing industry challenges

How Mirai fully supports your strategic

Balance Sheet Management needs

In today's financial landscape, banks face a myriad of challenges due to high volatility and regulatory reporting obligations, which pose significant hurdles for effective risk management. Forward-thinking banks seek holistic and granular approaches to balance sheet optimization. They require flexible, robust analytical capabilities to measure and forecast performance while unifying the management of IRRBB, liquidity risk, funds transfer pricing, profitability and regulatory reporting.

Mirai sets a new gold standard for integrated Balance Sheet Management. Leveraging pioneering cloud-native risk technology, our solution suite is the world’s most scalable and high-performing. Engineered as a flexible, modular, and transparent system, it effectively addresses the evolving business needs and regulatory pressures faced by Tier 1 banks and G-SIBs.


Elevate your Balance Sheet

Management Program with Mirai

Unmatched Speed and Performance

Speed up time-to-market by processing large data volumes, conducting comprehensive calculations, and running multicurrency simulations in minutes instead of days.

Mirai enhances the most essential aspects of your Balance Sheet Management program:

  • Check Process speed and transparency
  • Check Process robustness and scalability
  • Check Level of automation
Holistic Balance Sheet Management

Stay ahead with our unified suite covering IRRBB, liquidity risk, FTP and regulatory reporting, all designed to measure and enhance profitability holistically.

Mirai enhances the most essential aspects of your Balance Sheet Management program:

  • Check Data quality and consistency
  • Check Integration with other Risk/Finance functions
  • Check Richness of reporting
One platform, multiple solutions

Meet the Mirai Solution Suite

Mirai offers the world’s most scalable and efficient Balance Sheet Management Solution Suite, integrating ALM, Liquidity, FTP and Regulatory Reporting solutions, delivered through a single cloud-native platform.

one platform
Deep dive into our SaaS solutions

Explore our fully integrated solution suite

Our cloud-native, modular balance sheet management solution suite facilitates advanced balance sheet modeling, stress testing, dynamic planning, FTP, and regulatory reporting. Take a closer look at our solutions of award-winning functionality.

Mirai ALM & Liquidity Solution

Gain an accurate view of the profitability, earnings stability and overall risk exposure of your balance sheet. 

  • CheckUnified IRRBB, CSRBB, liquidity risk and financial planning
  • CheckLightning-fast and efficient modeling and simulation
  • CheckSuperior data granularity for advanced reporting
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Drive consistency and remove silos

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What makes us truly unique

Key benefits of partnering with Mirai

Ensure Robust Security

Safeguard your operations with our sophisticated cloud-native technology, prioritizing privacy and cybersecurity to shield your financial data.

Experience Rapid Implementation and Streamlined Management

Our post-sales team is dedicated to your operational success, providing personalized account support.

Benefit from Continuous Innovation

Access new functionality effortlessly with quarterly releases at no additional cost, ensuring your investment remains current.

Boost productivity with a superior user experience

Our sleek and intuitive UI, optimized for complex data visualization, reduces learning curves and boosts productivity for every team.

Accelerate time to market with unmatched Scale and Performance

Mirai boasts processing speeds 60 times faster than competitors. Conduct timely, on-demand analysis with high-performance execution.

Reduce Costs with our Flexible 
Cloud Architecture

Guarantee extreme scalability and reliability while simplifying maintenance costs through our cloud-native, microservice-based architecture.

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Balance Sheet Management game?

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