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Mirai Consulting,

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& tech consultancy

End-to-end services empowering banks

to optimize balance sheet management,

financial risks, and regulatory compliance.


About Mirai Consulting

Mirai Consulting is a radically fresh, future-looking, and data-driven approach to financial risk management consulting.

In today's volatile financial landscape, marked by market instability and regulatory shifts, financial institutions face significant challenges in navigating uncertainty and risk while adapting to continuous regulatory changes and enhancing operational efficiency.

At Mirai Consulting, we provide end-to-end business and technology consultancy services that empower financial institutions to effectively manage financial risks, regulatory compliance, and balance sheet management. With a focus on delivering innovative technological solutions that foster informed decision-making amidst uncertainty, we drive impactful transformations for financial entities worldwide.


Our Approach & Expertise

Mirai Consulting delivers comprehensive end-to-end services with an interdisciplinary approach that truly sets up apart in the market. Our expert consulting team comprises a unique blend of business and software consultants who work seamlessly to ensure a fully integrated approach to every project we undertake.

Mirai Balance Sheet Management Services

We specialize in assisting banks in fine-tuning their balance sheets to reduce risk and maximize reward, achieving superior results from a risk-return perspective. Our expertise covers areas such as:

  • CheckMirai Platform
  • CheckIRRBB
  • CheckLiquidity
  • CheckFTP
  • CheckPlanning
  • CheckCapital
  • CheckFX

Our Tech Stack

Google Cloud
Power BI
Big Query
Oracle SQL Developer

Our Consulting Framework

Mirai Consulting offers a flexible and modular consulting framework designed to streamline your project journey. Our proprietary model encompasses every phase of the project lifecycle, ensuring seamless transitions from initial design to ongoing operations with a focus on delivering ad hoc data solutions.

  • Initial solution design guidance: Providing expert guidance from the outset to shape your project's direction.
  • Alignment with business and technical needs: Ensuring harmony between functional requirements and technical feasibility.
  • Data-centric approach: Integrating cloud-based architectures with cutting-edge AI capabilities for data-driven projects.

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